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MsExcel worksheet in title

Worksheet Booster Improves the speed required to accomplish routine operations with Excel sheets
Size: 1.04MB
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Excel workbook worksheet Excel add-in Optimize Excel  
Oracle WorkSheet This is a very light tool to execute any PL SQL queries on ORACLE database. This tool is unique as it allows developers to execute stored procedures in ORACLE ...
Size: 458K
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execute execute command execute SQL file ftp execute  
Text Worksheet A simple text editing utility
Size: 1 KB
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editor text text editor Writer Text Writer document writer  
FmPro Worksheet A free utility which sends SQL commands to FileMaker 7/8 databases via an ODBC connection
Size: 2.8M
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Create sql odbc SQL command SQL Connection ODBC Connection  
WorkSheet Maker Create different math exercises for your students or children.
Size: 1.86MB
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exercises practice math exercises children math  
WorkSheet Manager Manage all open workbooks and worksheets in MS Excel.
Size: 1.06MB
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MsExcel worksheet in tags

EasyXLL Improve your development with this library.
Size: 105 KB
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development Library develop c++ library C++ code interface  
Excel Worksheet Separator Separate Excel Worksheet into New Workbooks.Save worksheet as new workbook.
Size: 440 KB
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import worksheet worksheet worksheet organizer  
GEDxlate Lite GEDxlate quickly and easily translates genealogy data from standard GEDCOM format into MS Access dB (*.mdb), MS Excel Worksheet (*.xls), comma delimited (*.csv), and text file (*.txt) formats.
Size: 1.1 MB
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convert translate Comma-Delimited Line comma-delimited  
Excel Copy Sheets Multiple Times Software Easily copy sheets from any Excel worksheet
Size: 2.86MB
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copy Excel import worksheet worksheet Numerical WorkSheet  
CL Fusion Merging several worksheets in one resulting worksheet
Size: 3.1 MB
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Converter convert worksheets import worksheet worksheet  
Mathematics Worksheet Factory Math worksheet creation software.
Size: 7.36 MB
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import worksheet worksheet Numerical WorkSheet  

MsExcel worksheet in description

OfficeSheet for MS Excel Professional Edition Data Acquisition: OS4XL provides fast and precise data acquisition from MsExcel worksheets, based on names, selected areas or explicit ranges. Acquire cell data as well as information such as comments...
Size: 92.37MB
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Present Value Calculator This present value or pv calculator consist of three worksheets. The first worksheet is used to calculate present value based on interest rate, period and yearly payment The template can also be used ...
Size: 20 KB
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compare investment Excel template  
EasyXLL EasyXLL is a small C++ library designed to enable a very easy interfacing of C++ code with MsExcel worksheets.
Size: 105 KB
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development Library develop c++ library C++ code interface  
The Worksheet King The worksheet King is a replacement for photocopiable resources. The Worksheet King saves you hours - producing worksheets with The Worksheet King is fast! Forget wasting your time adapting photocopia...
Size: 1.91MB
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make worksheet producer maths worksheet creator Maths Suite  
Basic Facts Worksheet Factory Need just the Facts? The free Basic Facts worksheet Factory can generate worksheets that will provide students with the practice they need to become proficient in the basic math operations. Now you ha...
Size: 6.3 MB
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worksheet basic algebra arithmetic worksheet  
myBilling 2007 The workbook contains 6 worksheets. An admin worksheet where the user inputs their company information and their email server information. A clients worksheet where all the client information is store...
Size: 39.7K
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workbook edit workbook track bill split excel workbook